When you bust a nut

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Whether into your hand, wife, mistress, or a truck stop glory hole- how often, in total, do you blow your load? Lurch22 said PumpNDump said On average It's good for the prostate.

bust a nut

What does bust a nut mean? bust a nut Definition. Meaning of bust a nut. nicolasrichoffer.com

See Today's Synonym. No nutcracker necessary. The expression bust a nut variously means "to be excited about something," "to lose your temper," "to work hard," or The expression bust a nut first surfaced in the s. By the s, bust a nut had taken on the meaning of being excited about something, often in an overly enthusiastic way—because, you know, ejaculation. Use it cautiously, as many find it vulgar. This is not meant to be a formal definition of bust a nut like most terms we define on Dictionary.

Definition of bust a nut

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Last edited on Jun 08 Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 08 I busted a nut on that project. See more words with the same meaning: to accomplish, work hard.