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Stuck in a sexual rut? Try one of these 11 board games— and reignite the passion in your marriage. Tonight is the night, you and your spouse are going to get the kids to bed early and have a fun evening playing these board games together. Instead of Uno, Yahtzee, Play 9 or Monopoly, how about spicing up your sex life? This is something that we enjoy doing to connect and grow closer together.

15 Sex Games to Spice Up Your Next Date Night

15 Best Sex Games for Couples | Kinky Sex Games

It's nice to spice things up every once in a while, whether that means trying out new sex positions or adding a few toys to your sack sessions. That's where sexy board games for couples come in. Like their more staid counterparts, these options have player cards, boards, dice, plus, sexy tools. Teasing and flirting ramps up arousal, which is generally considered a win, even if you lose. Plus, games like those listed below will add an element of the unknown into your sex life.

Enjoy a Memorable Date Night With One of These Sex Games for Couples

Date night can get, well, stale. Honestly, if you're in a relationship and you're at the point of planning dedicated "date nights," there's a good chance you're firmly in the comfortable phase of your love affair. And there's nothing wrong with that.
Product rating: 4. Product rating: 5. Openmity The game was a highlight of our weekend getaway for sure. Super fun for me and my husband. Than you for putting the spark backin our marriage!