Se cupp is hot

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Cupp is a CNN political commentator and practical conservative with a searing honesty who brings her distinct outlook to CNN programming and special political coverage. Full Bio. Prior to that she led a panel-driven show on HLN that debated contemporary issues impacting the country. Past guests included Gov.

SE Cupp is a Political Commentator We Should All Appreciate More

Heck yeah, S.E. Cupp!

Cupp explores the white-hot intersection of politics and media with newsmakers, politicos and journalists every Saturday at 6pm ET. Live from New York, Cupp covers the latest news out of Washington and around the world, from President Donald Trump's White House and national policy debates to media matters and geopolitics. Saturdays 6 PM ET. SE Cupp on Trump's call: Some people never learn. SE Cupp: I have uneasy feeling about what may happen

Hot or Not

Sarah Elizabeth "S. Maybe, if you're a right wing nut bag who only does it missionary with a hole cut in the sheet between the two of you. My guess is that a female conservative commentator is probably an animal in bed.
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