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Forest animals can be heard. Faint gunshots break the tranquility. They steadily increase in volume. The sounds of barking dogs follow. A vixen suddenly appears on the crest.

The Fox & The Hound 3

The Fox and the Hound/Transcript | Fan Fiction | Fandom

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The Fox and the Hound/Transcript

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A red blur shot through the forest, leaving dust clouds in its wake and startling a few of the other animals. Tod ran as fast as he could, tongue flopping out as he panted. His lungs were hungry for air and his paws ached from being cut on thorns and brambles, but still he did not stop. That is, until he reached his destination. Smoothly he padded in, a smile spreading on his muzzle as he caught sight of the two tiny furry bodies laying beside his mate Vixey.