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Killer Queen is a visibly muscular humanoid Stand about as tall as Kira himself, light in color overall. In both the manga and anime, it is portrayed as light pink, while in the All Star Battle video game, it is portrayed as white. Its crown is flat, while two sharp, triangular shapes resembling cat ears stand on both sides of the top of its head. Its eyes comprise cat-like vertical pupils in front of its generally light-colored sclera. It has no nose, and its thin-lipped mouth is perpetually closed. It wears dark, studded, leather-like forearm-length gloves, mirrored in style by a garter belt-like band at its waist and ankle-height footwear.

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Renee Ross and I are good gal pals, so I liked working with her, too. Somewhere out there on the cutting room floor is never-before-seen footage of me jumping rope with them. It will probably never see the light of day. So there you have it.