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Whitney started uploading videos of a sexual nature to various websites on the internet when she was in her early teens, but it was on reddit where she picked up most of her attention, however, all videos and online content went viral for all the wrong reasons. Over the years, Whitney, has managed to rack up thousands of followers all over social media due to her explicit and bizarre videos that she has produced, her most spoke about and viewed video is one where she performs oral sex with a dog, which she justifies by uploading more videos explaining why females should have sex with their dogs. It is said that because Wisconsin had a huge online following and fan base, she decided to start monetizing them by selling underwear, custom videos and even objects and sex toys that she had used on herself in the videos. Some of her fans have claimed that they never received what they paid for. After Amy Lynn Lew first hit the spot light by posting a couple of her public home made videos online, she noticed the overwhelming amount of users attracted to her content so she decided to rename her online persona from her birth name to the name of Whitney Wisconsin. The first viral video that she posted was of her masturbating with a dildo while sat in a booth, in a McDonalds resturant.

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Amy Lew, 20, was charged with several counts in Eau Claire County, including lewd and lascivious behavior. The criminal complaint says Lew performed sexual acts at several public places and businesses in the Eau Claire area. It says her boyfriend videotaped the acts and posted them on various websites. Police were made aware of the videos after a man learned he was shown in the video without his consent.

Top definition. Amy Lew , most commonly known as Whitney Wisconsin , is a girl that loves having sex with dogs, and highly recommends it to other girls. She is compelled to show the internet the disgusting things she enjoys doing to animals, and puts pics and videos on Tumblr and Youtube. Whitney has uploaded quite a few videos talking about why girls should fuck dogs, and has plenty of videos of herself doing just that. One of her most controversial videos is of her fingering herself in a Walmart, then going around the store and asking customers what her fingers smell like.
Bonifay Police have arrested a year-old woman on misdemeanor charges from Wisconsin of making pornographic videos. Police found Lew at her house and arrested her without incident. She'll be sent back to Wisconsin to face the charges. Wisconsin police say Lew is being charged with "two misdemeanor counts of lewd and lascivious behavior and three misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct. Eau Claire Police were able to identify Lew and her boyfriend as suspects through the adult websites and other online sources.