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There are many best Asian pornstars available for us to watch and enjoy. I do have my personal favorites, but that does not factor into this ranking list. So that I do not miss out on any Asian hottie, this list is based on data and not personal preference. This increases the relevancy and minimizes any bias. There are different ways to rank these sexy hotties, so this article is a part a three-piece set.


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Things get better if she is naked. Fuck that censored shit. Most importantly, those that can be seen in uncensored hardcore scenes of all kinds. If you want pixel porn, see our top 10 Japanese performers or even Korean ones. For now, we want real sex scenes with actual people and without stupid laws that get in our way. The dark Asian slut, Annie Cruz can tease her ass off but also throws it down for other things. For example, when the time comes for DP anal, lesbian milk enemas, deepthroating, or even massage sex.

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I certainly do, and I am damn sure that you love them too because why else would you be on this page trying to find out a list of the best ones! There are a few Japanese babes mentioned on the list, but they have been working extensively in the West so I think they definitely deserve a spot on this list containing the best Asian pornstars of ! Asian women are known for their naturally good looks and stunning figure, so it was a really tough task to make a list of only a few out of hundreds of them in the industry. I always try to feature only those girls that are currently active in the industry, but for this article, I included a couple of pornstars who are no longer active in the industry but still deserve to be counted among the best Asian pornstars as they have a ton of adoring fans even today.
We certainly do! Check out our favourite Asian pornstars below:. Wow this girl is hot, her most recent videos have been some of the best Asian videos we have ever seen. You have without a doubt seen Hitomi on the tube sites, she has some of the biggest all natural tits we have ever seen on such a petite Asian. Unfortunately most, if not all of her scenes have the dreaded pixilation over their private parts which is so common in Japanese porn.