Tenga double hole cup

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Like I say in the title Not super high quality, and it's actually all white. Anyway, the toy itself isn't b ad. But I can see no way to easily clean it.

Double Hole Cup Standard

Tenga Double Hole Onacup Review – Candy Snatch

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The Tenga Double Hole Cup has 2 completely separate sleeves. These sleeves are separate which makes this product hygienic, offering 2 unique experiences. The " Sweet" grey sleeve gently strokes the penis with your movements, and features "reverse protuberances" to offer a smooth entry and a sensational retreat. The " Bitter " red sleeve tightly grips the penis with an extra strong constriction to ensure you're enjoying maximum stimulation. The 2 prelubricated holes have different cushions and patterns within for your pleasure - one super tight and one gently clinging.
Recently my man tried a Tenga Egg for the first time and he was pretty smitten, especially as this was his first foray into the world of male sex toys. We decided to look for some better variations on the Tenga Egg idea as he enjoyed it so much. This is basically a masturbation sleeve which is double ended giving the option to swap the sensations during play, kind of like fucking two girls at once, or allowing for two totally different, separate experiences. They call them the Sweet and Bitter sides. The bitter side is made for ultimate sensation and tight insertion with tightly packed tiny nubs for high impact whereas the sweet side is meant to be a softer more enveloping experience with wider, larger nubs to stroke you to orgasm.