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She has also been featured in the Street Fighter Alpha games, first as a secret character and then as a playable character. The games explore her backstory as one of the evil M. Bison 's deadliest assassins or "dolls" turned an amnesiac MI6 operative for the British government. She has also been featured in various official comics and merchandise, as well as in the crossover series Marvel vs. Capcom and SNK vs. Cammy has garnered positive, critical reception from critics and fans, with praise towards her backstory, game play, and character design.

Super Street Fighter IV

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I install the mods just like it says in the tutorial you share, in USFIV, bought on Steam, but it doesn't seem to work. I start a fight with the moded characters and the game freezes in the versus screen, and it just stays there. Am i doing something wrong? Thanks for making such a cool mod anyway. Thank you. You mean this tutorial , right? It should work well in the Steam version, don't know what can be wrong.

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