Make your own cum

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All you need is some water, cornstarch, and sugar to make it taste sweet, and voila! Whether you have a cum fetish or simply want to spice up your sex life in some way can be used as lube for you or your toy like in our best lube for Fleshlight guide , making fake cum can be real fun. If you decide to go a homemade route and use food products to make your fake cum, you need to keep in mind that not everything is suitable for consumption or adding on your genitalia. Your next step is to mix in the cornstarch mixture into the boiling water and mix it together until it thickens.

How to Make Fake Cum

Healthy DIY Semen-Lube |

I love cum. There, I said it. Sometimes one has to turn to fake cum recipes in these trying times. The average male produces around 1 teaspoon of sperm with each ejaculation. The average cumshot contains around calories, so swallowers can enjoy a big cum load without ruining their diet.

Healthy DIY Semen-Lube

We're all beings who can get behind appealing to the senses. In an intimate setting, that's usually the senses of touch and the gift of sight. Sometimes people decide they want to replicate male orgasm without any extra outside volunteers, so fake semen has became just one of those things made for the Internet. The sheer amount of different brands and makes of artificial jizz is mind boggling. They don't always make sense either.
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