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By Lydia Warren. Jessica Logan hanged herself in her Cincinnati, Ohio bedroom in July after pictures she had shared with her former boyfriend were forwarded to four girls at Sycamore High School. After the images began circulating around the school, Jessica became the victim of bullying and harassment from fellow students, causing her to repeatedly skip school, her parents said. Loss: Jessica Logan committed suicide after her ex-boyfriend texted naked pictures of her to classmates.

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Jessica Logan and Amanda Todd are two stories involving sexting that ended with tragic results. Additionally, they were excluded and ostracized by other students. When a sexual or nude photo is sent to a different individual, there are no ensures that the image will stay non-public. Once a relationship ends, or a pal turns into indignant, the images may be mass distributed as an act of revenge.

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And, cyberbullying is a crime. Technology makes crime, lewd conduct, the dissemination of obscene or defamatory material, and incurring liability faster and easier, too. In , House Bill The Jessica Logan Act was signed into law, which expanded protections against sexting and cyberbullying and required schools to undergo comprehensive reform of their school policies with regard to technological responsibility. It goes without saying that registering as a sex offender and possibility prison time are pretty formal consequences for something our kids take on so casually.
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