Husband demands sex

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The dishwasher is quietly humming in the finally cleaned kitchen. The kids are in bed. The look that means "I want sex. Our relaxation evaporates, our skin bristles, or our muscles tense up.

'I realised that my husband pressuring me for sex was actually abuse'

What To Do When Your Husband Expects Sex All The Time

Dear Ann Landers: I read the letter from "Exhibit A in Baltimore," who said women pretend to like sex in order to get a man to marry them, then they phase it out once the wedding ceremony is over. I have a different perspective. When I married my husband 12 years ago, sex was easy and enjoyable. However, once the children came along, sex became less of a priority for both of us.

Husband’s Sexual Needs: Man Or Monster?

Family and other relationships. My husband is addicted to his smartphone. My Husband is becoming really boring. My husband is disgusted by my weight. My husband is visiting a dating website.
I never thought consent was anything but obvious. Yes or no. But we know now that abuse takes many forms. Physical, sexual, emotional and even financial. My guest today left an abusive marriage a year ago and shares her story of emotional and sexual abuse in her marriage.