How to bring a stripper home

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The club itself is divided into a stage resembling a penis, another example of Rockstar 's crude humor , bar, private rooms, a small office and the stripper's dressing room. The latter keeps a large snake as a pet, which will not move in any case. The doorman will also recognize Michael after Hang Ten , suggesting they visit the club frequently, especially to see Trevor and plan the Union Depository heist. Following Hang Ten, Wade Hebert can be found in one of the booths near the entrance, being fawned over by two strippers. In the enhanced version , the music heard inside is taken from various radio stations. As with all other radio stations in the game, only 10 or so songs will play on a randomized loop.

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How To Behave At A Party With A Stripper

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If you really want to take a trip to naked girl heaven during your bachelor party, strip clubs are not your only option. You can always hire private strippers to come perform for you and your friends. The power dynamic in a stripper house call feels different from that of a strip club. For a start, you have to be a good host. Are there safety issues?