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10 Things Only Hardcore Bookworms Do

10 Things Only Hardcore Bookworms Do | LitReactor

Currently, I serve as a fifth grade reading specialist in Central New Jersey, and I can't get enough! I love to mix a hefty dose of critical thinking in with my learning and fun. No sense in being frightening or overly critical! Keep it fun and keep it interesting! I am all about cross-curricular learning, reading and writing across the curriculum, and learning from teachers and students alike! What can YOU teach me?

6 Ways to Becoming a Hardcore Reader

You probably know more than one and, if you're reading this, there's a staggering probability that you are one. I'm talking about bookworms. You can also call them book fans, book people, book freaks, book lovers, etc. All those names work, but it's their actions that I want to talk about today.
Especially if what we mean by that is the physical object—the paper, the cover, the spine. Because one thing is for sure: reading is not dead. Reading is essential as long as their is a written language.