Gymnastics classes for adults

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This class is perfect if you have never done gymnastics, were once a gymnast, or if you want a new challenge! More questions? Contact us at ! Our Cincinnati location is offering both Open Gyms and classes! Bars: Pullover, casting, back hip circles, front hip circles, gliding, tap swings, glide kips, under-swing dismounts, etc. Floor: Handstands, handstand forward roll, backwards roll, back bend, back walkovers, front walkover, back handspring, front handspring, cartwheels, side aerials, round-offs, running tumbling, etc.

Adult Gymnastics

What to expect from your first Adult Gymnastics class

Having the ability to attend a variety of different classes using one membership means that the options are limitless. You can shake up your routine so easily to avoid that motivation killer: boredom. But once you have chosen a new activity, it may take a bit more courage than you originally thought to actually step into the venue. We challenged MoveGB team member, Chad, to try out a new workout class and report back. He got assigned adult gymnastics, partly for our own entertainment but also because adult gymnastics is fast becoming a new trend in the fitness world! From handstands to tumbles, you get to try your hand at these moves and literally flip your world upside down. And boy oh boy was he a beginner.

Adult Gymnastics Classes

Get fit, build skills, have fun. Our gym is equipped with in-ground trampolines, foam-filled safety pits, and spring-floors for a total body workout. Classes are offered year-round.
Specifically structured and dedicated for adults. We offer three different levels which are adapted to suit a variety of abilities. We tailor one to one lessons to reach your specific goals.