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Since Namibia has one of the highest rates of gender-based violence in the whole SADC region, it is crucial to offer a re-integration programme for sex offenders when they are being released back in their communities. The Namibian Correctional Service is very much aware of this and stressed the need for suitable programs. At the moment, such a programme does not exist in Namibia, and offenders cannot benefit from any form of treatment during their stay in the correctional service facilities. In order to establish a need-tailored programme, two mentionable efforts therefore were carried out under the Namibian Correctional Service: A first analysis of the Namibian Sex Offender Population and a pilot study, which resulted in the publication at hand. The Good Lives Model, which was used in this study, offers real promise for putting sex offenders back on the path towards a productive and harm-free mind-set.


Sex-specific I KAS activation in rabbit ventricles with drug-induced QT prolongation

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