Juri street fighter 4

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She is a brutal South Korean Taekwondo martial artist who derives pleasure from inflicting pain on others. Juri wears a purple dudou a form of Chinese bra top on her chest supported with eight straps that meet on her back, forming a spider pattern. She wears long, baggy, off-white colored sweat pants and purple tights, and long, fingerless gloves. Her fingernails and toenails are painted bright pink. She has dark hair styled into two horn-like bangs at the top of her head, which appear to be fastened with pink ribbons.

Ultra Street Fighter IV/Juri


An incredibly strong footsies game, with several fantastic anti-air buttons and great pokes, combined with an extremely unique and effective method of zoning make her a character that can be quite annoying to deal with for much of the cast. Juri's biggest flaw is a lack of damage; Juri will always have to work for a win. She can also have quite a bit of trouble dealing with excessive rushdown, especially from characters that can easily get around her zoning, as her reversal game is weaker than average, though the addition of delayed wakeup has helped her greatly in this area. It should also be noted that Juri has a very high barrier of entry; in order to effectively play her, you must have good execution and be able to function without the use of multiple kick buttons, as she will frequently be holding at least one charge of a fireball.

Juri Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves

In the series, she is a South Korean Taekwondo fighter employed by S. Juri originated as a suggestion to introduce a female Korean character in the Street Fighter series and the development team went through — ideas before they decided on Juri. She is the first practitioner of Taekwondo and the first Korean character in the series.
N who's nickname is "Spider". She has a warlike and provocative personality and enjoys playing around with her opponents while beating them. Juri was a skilled practitioner of Tae Kwon Do at the age of