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Hmm, would it really be acceptable for an employer to demand this? And if not, what makes a dress code reasonable or unreasonable? David Edmonds dons his thinking cap. Answer: they've all been the subject of sackings and disputes between employers and employees.

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Work Naked Day – Fun Holiday

Taking your clothes off in public is not something that comes easily to the British. Whereas our continental cousins dispense with their swimwear at the slightest excuse, over here, you only have to hint at the word "nude" to have people blushing or sniggering like schoolchildren. Christine Ashford, general secretary of the Naturist Foundation, a charity providing recreational facilities to members no pun intended and information to the public, calls it the legacy of the Carry on Camping view of naturism. Naturists, Ashford explains, generally take their clothes off outdoors and do so simply because they enjoy the freedom of being unclad and the sensation of the sun and fresh air on their skin. However, Ashford, a former teacher, often performs her indoor duties at the organisation's headquarters - maintaining spreadsheets, dealing with telephone inquiries, typing correspondence, faxing and photocopying - in the altogether as well.

'I walk to work naked'

Not many people are wearing formal clothes to work, as a lot of people are still working from home. With not many businesses enforcing a dress code at home, the company Coupon Follow decided to see just how casual people were getting. They're all working from home.
When I plan my content for the month, I review calendars. This allows me to pair what I want to write about with holidays and events. This holiday suggests literally working naked.