Wendys smug anime girl

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You may have noticed that whoever runs the fast food chain Wendy's Twitter account has a lot of fun. They don't seem to take the formalities of being a corporate entity too seriously, and seem to have a lot of fun sarcastically engaging Twitter trolls and rival fast food chains. Here are just a few of the currently growing mass of smug anime Wendy's mascot girls, many of which have a natural resemblance in both appearance and attitude to Asuka Langley Sohryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Smug anime Wendys is my new favorite meme. She's beauty, she's grace, she's s a v a g e pic. Smug anime Wendys may be the most successful free PR campaign ever.

Smug Wendy's

The Internet Turned The Wendy’s Mascot Into A Smug Anime Girl – grape Japan

Smug Wendy's , also known as Wendy-chan , is an anime -style anthropomorphic personification of the Wendys Twitter feed, which gained much online notoriety for its funny and sarcastic responses to customer complaints and questions. The character is based on the restaurant's mascot Wendy Thomas. Within 10 days, the tweet gained over 16, likes and 7, retweets. Invest with caution. View All Videos. View All Images. Show Comments.

Anime Wendy

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