Unisex sport

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Mixed-sex sports also known as mixed-gender or coed sports are individual and team sports whose participants are not of a single sex. In organised sports settings, rules usually dictate an equal number of people of each sex in a team for example teams of one man and one woman. Usually, the main purpose of these rules are to account for physiological sex differences. Mixed-sex sports in informal settings are typically groups of neighbours, friends or family playing without regard to the sex of the participants.

Mixed-sex sports

Sport - Unisex | BOGNER

They are great for sports, but you can also use them for everyday wear. The pack contains three pairs of socks. Size: 35 - Zero stele! S-au descompus dupa prima purtare in mii de scame, nici de unica folosinta nu pot sa le numesc. NU recomand.

MALIZIA unisex - SPORT ENERGY - perfume deo spray 150ml

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