The snail sex position

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By Darragh Berry. If we were to say to you 'snail' you'd think something along the lines of flat and on the floor or something to do with a wiggle motion. But apparently 'The Snail' is the perfect sex position for when you are "worn out or simply hungover. It involves raising your legs over your partner's shoulders so that they are able to thrust slowly - like at a 'snail's pace'. According to The Irish Sun , the move helps with deeper sensations and is also a very intimate position as you can keep eye contact with your partner.

Sex position 'The Snail' is the latest kinky move to master in the bedroom

Sex position 'The Snail' is the latest kinky move to master in the bedroom - Daily Star

TRYING a new sex position could re-ignite the passion in the bedroom, for a little buzz under the sheets, why not try this move? This year, couples have been trying all sorts of sex positions in the bedroom to keep it hot and spicy. So do you fancy taking it to another level? Here, Ann Summers has exclusively revealed the sex position to try this weekend. Lay on your back and pull your knees into your chest as your partner knees in front and enters you.

'The Snail' - A New Tricky Sex Position That Irish People Are Giving A Go

Katy Thorn February 7, The Snail position is perfect for deeper sensations without sacrificing the intimacy of face to face contact. The motion for this sex position should be a gentle slide forward and back, with knees and arms moving in concert almost as if their limbs are mimicking the side of a shape as it moves from a parallelogram to a square and then back again. As well, if this position calls to mind accidentally getting folded up in a sofa bed…well it may take the most limber of us not to get a little tired of this position after a while; one leg can be removed from the shoulder of the topping partner to let the receiver stretch their back out a bit!
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