Spanish sex songs

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For the rebound lovers, this track is about a woman who is seeking a better hombre in her life. Just imagine hearing these romantic words: "Yo no te foy sexo, yo te hago el amor. Enough said—it's going down! This guy says you can abuse him en la cama. For the chicas who like to be in control, this one's for you. The singer talks about kissing passionately as if the world is about to end!

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Ten Dirtiest Latin Sex Songs, According to Miami Club Freaks | Miami New Times

The Bareto concert at Grand Central had just ended and a man with some badass dance skills was skipping and jumping 'round the center of the dance floor at The Garret like he owned the place. Moments later, a crowd of ladies in floral shorts, wedges, and tight black dresses that hugged every curve, and bros in diamond-studded Ed Hardy t-shirts and popped-collar polos made their way up the narrow stairwell. They were greeted by a lit up palm tree, tropical printed shirts hanging from a clothing line behind the bar, and by Sonora Carruseles' "Micaela" and other Latin songs reminiscent of a typical Hialeah Noche Buena. It was Sabrosura night and the club looked more like a salsa competition than one of Miami's top hipster bars. But if there was one thing the Latin music freaks at The Garret did better than anyone else that night, it was shake their asses to sweaty Spanish music. Here are the ten dirtiest, filthiest Latin songs, according to the mamis and papis at la noche de Sabrosura.

9 Latin Songs You Should Have Sex To

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