Screwing while doing splits

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Is my pre-drilled pilot hole too small? I read a tip to dip the tip of the screw in soap before using, too. I don't know, but am willing to try! Dip the screw tip in soap before starting. You will find it tightens with ease. Screws will split dry, narrow or thin boards.

Tips to Prevent Wood Splitting while Making Joints with Screws

Wood keeps splitting when using screws | Ana White

Purpose: The relationship of third molar extraction at the time of mandibular sagittal split surgery to infection or exposure of the rigid fixation hardware was studied. Materials and methods: The records of 83 patients who had sagittal split surgery between July and July were reviewed. The groups were divided into those who did or did not have third molar extraction during sagittal split surgery. Those patients who developed infection or exposure of their hardware were identified.

How to Prevent Wood Splitting With Screws

Purpose: The aim of this study was to assess the biomechanical stress tolerance of screws used in 9 fixation methods after bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy to determine which configuration leads to lesser force load on the cortical bone at fixation points. Materials and methods: A 3-dimensional computerized model of a human mandible with posterior teeth was generated. The bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy was virtually performed on this model. Then, , , and N vertical loads were applied on the posterior teeth of these models. The stress distribution on the screw sites on the buccal cortex was measured by the finite element method.
Wooden screws can be a very effective way to join wood. However, you need to be careful while screwing in, so that the wood does not split. If the boards are narrow, the wood is very dry, or if you screw too near to the edges, the displacement of the wooden screw can force the fibers of the wood apart to split it and ruin the woodwork.