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She is pregnant to a man who abused her in a brothel. The baby is due in a matter of weeks. She was forced to have sex with men every day or be beaten up. When you meet children whose bodies have experienced more pain than you can imagine it is hard to comprehend how they are still standing, still breathing, still, on occasion, even smiling. But they are, because they have been rescued from that life for now. Iana Matei is a woman who runs the only shelter for trafficked minors in Romania.

Prostitution in Romania

Romania's sex trafficking trade: 'There is no other life they know' | ITV News

Prostitution in Romania is not itself criminalized, although associated activities, such as procuring , are criminal offenses, and solicitation is a contravention punishable by fines. In the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century there were legalized brothels , but these were closed by the communist regime in the late s, and prostitution itself became a criminal offense in There had been proposals in the past to legalize and regulate prostitution such as in [3] but these were rejected, especially as Romania is a party to the Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others , which states that prostitution is "incompatible with the dignity and worth of the human person and endanger[s] the welfare of the individual, the family and the community" and binds countries which ratify it to ban organized prostitution such as pandering or running a brothel. According to the official explanations of the Ministry of Justice, with regard to the new penal code "the fact that prostitution will be excluded from criminal penalties does not mean "legalizing "it, transforming the activity into one regulated or permitted by law, because the persons practicing prostitution will still be sanctioned with a contravention. On January 20, , Iana Matei was named "European of the Year" by Reader's Digest for finding and rehabilitating victims of forced prostitution. Clients are not prosecuted, unless they knowingly use the services of a victim of forced prostitution , [13] or the prostitute is a minor Art.

Coronavirus in Germany: How a Romanian sex worker is affected by prostitution ban

T hree weeks ago, police entered a brothel in south-east England after receiving intelligence about criminal activity there. Inside, they found eight Romanian women wearing face shields and masks, and laminated Covid health and safety sheets on the wall. An industrial-size bottle of hand sanitiser stood by the front door.
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