Behind closed doors sex therapy

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There was no reason that good sex had to include an orgasm and there should be no pressure to do so. As baby boomers moved into the older age bracket, they were far more likely to continue having sex than their parents but this sometimes came with unrealistic expectations, Dr Cass said. Some people believed they should still be able to have sex just like they did when they were in their 30s and 40s. As people aged, sometimes the orgasms were not quite as strong or the erection as firm and this often prompted people to seek help from a sex therapist or from a GP for medication such as Viagra or Cialis to help things along.

Behind closed doors: therapist-client sex

Behind closed doors: therapist-client sex

For some, it can be daunting, draining and sometimes, even dangerous. Intimacy marred by vaginal pain, a sexually transmitted disease STD or emotional trauma is a sign that not all is well and that professional intervention may be required. Sexual health refers to measures pointed at minimising the risk of STDs and unplanned pregnancies. In essence, it encapsulates the optimal maintenance of sexual health. Even educated Indians are falling prey to STDs, especially in metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities.

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Few topics are more controversial or downright uncomfortable to talk about than sex and sexuality. It seems we could examine any period of time in human history and find a number of social values and ideas related to sexual behavior, all of which might be discussed with some nuanced language or slang of the time. More often than not, we would find some positive messages about sex but also a fair share of messages that promote — intentionally or not — feelings of guilt and shame. Even with the timeless double binds that accompany messages around sex and sexuality, it is important to recognize that sex remains an important part of our storied history. When we talk about sex, we are talking about something loaded with assumptions and values.
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