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A lot of us anime and gaming fans would consider ourselves Otaku, so how great would it be to see ourselves in the media we love right? So here she is. A secret Otaku, she wants to be comfortable with being feminine and so tries to become the most feminine thing she can think of — an idol. Erika is part of Dollars, an online gang with a group split between doing good and doing violent crimes. Erika, however, was part of a much more dangerous group in the past where she was an interrogator.

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Otaku in common English is define as someone who is really into Japanese culture like a weeb or anime gamer girls though this website is also called my Otaku world due to that reason. But of course there is more. Well today we are going to talk about anime gamer girls in this list these are the my up most favorite anime gamer girls characters at one place. She is also considered lazy and hated school. Not only that, she was also shown to be easily jealous of Mamoru.

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It's the 21st century and gamer girls are starting to break out into the gaming community! While that's happening in reality, anime gamer girls have been slowly joining the anime gaming community as more than just eye candy. Now, we have a serious representation of gamer girls in anime who usually serve the dual purpose of serious player and eye candy.
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